Is Crossfit Dangerous?

The question of is Crossfit dangerous or bad for you comes up a lot in Crossfit conversations. As you look to giving Crossfit or Going Crossfit a try this is something to consider.

I want to bring all opinions on Crossfit to this blog so I will post both the good and bad that I see about Crossfit. Hopefully it will be much more good than bad.

On July 25th ESPN ran a story on Outside the Lines. Their take was obviously on the negative side and has stirred a lot of controversy. Of course you can’t judge just on ESPN’s view as they are not a Crossfit authority.

The funny thing about ESPN running a story about Crossfit being dangerous is that they broadcast the Reebok Crossfit Games.

Oh well, what is your take? Is Crossfit Dangerous?

Blessings & Stay Strong

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